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Gentle Ear Clean

Safe and painless microsuction

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For clear as crystal hearing

Kids Friendly

Doctors perform all microscution for your peace of mind

Why Choose a doctor to clear earwax?

Why Choose a Doctor to remove your Earwax? Our doctors are all Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and have many years of experience in general medicine and surgical procedures between them, including -Skin cancer excisions -IUD insertions -Cesarean sections -Wound debridement and repair -Fracture management -Critical care Not every patient with […]

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Our Fees

A medicare rebate applies For consultation  and microsuction cleaning of one or both ears. All microsuction wax removals are performed by experienced doctors. Standard Fee: $90 OOP (out of pocket after medicare rebate) HCC and Pensioners: $75 OOP (out of pocket after medicare rebate) Children under 16:  $75 OOP (out of pocket after medicare rebate) […]

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Why Microsuction?

Microsuction ear cleaning is performed using a microscope and a medical suction device to gently suck out the ear wax from your canal. All patients are initially assessed for their general ear health.  We will then examine your ear using a microscope and, using the low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage. It is […]

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To assist with efficient wax removal. We recommend using Wax Softener drops for 1-2 days prior to your appointment (Simple olive oil is safe and effective, or over the counter cerumol or waxol from the chemist is suitable). If you can’t wait – Olive oil 1-2 hours prior to your amount will still help. If […]

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